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“Bringing the Brand to Africa - Cross- border shopping.”

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Errand Concierge Services since 2001 - providing specialized services to small business needs, allowing you more time in your day to focus on what is important, rather than on what needs to be done. Give the Action Call and We execute YOUR tasks on OUR time! We administer your TO DO list, online or offline while you manage your life.

The internet has been a major protagonist in the increase in popularity of cross-border shopping and consumption, it provides an opportunity for Multinationals to get their products into markets considered too hostile for physical store location.  Prophetically in January 2010 the Chief Executive of Next announced that they will be moving the focus away from wholly owned international stores to direct sales over the internet.

He stated;

"the internet will allow us to serve a customer base which is dispersed over a large area without the need to take on fixed assets and stock holdings in numerous locations. Whilst in any one town or city there may not be enough Next customers to justify the investment in a store, there are enough customers in a whole country to justify the investment required for us to trade online"  (Source:  Next plc Results for the Half Year Ended July 2010)

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