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Who we are:

Onatrix is an internationally registered company, with an expert team dedicated to bringing a unique shopping experience to the Nigerian people.  The team at Onatrix has the resources, knowledge and skills to deliver the highest level of service to its customers.

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Onatrix has created a secure e-commerce platform to provide access to the largest global online retailers. We can source, purchase, package and ship products and cargo by air freight to Nigeria. ·Through our partnership with a freight forwarder we are able to move shipments by air & sea. With our trusted Nigerian couriers, we can secure delivery to your door or to our dedicated collection centres. ·Our aim is to provide a diverse service that meets the personal requirement of all our customers.

Business Solutions
Onatrix consults companies in the growth of their business. ·We offer a professional package providing Business Plans, Start-up and Marketing advise, ·IT solutions, Virtual offices and Printing facilities. ··Our the aim is to build an online portal of choice for our customers looking for solutions to their business across Africa

Building Relationships:

By using Onatrix, retailers now have access to the largely untapped and expansive consumer base across Nigeria, while consumers in Nigeria have been empowered to overcome restrictions of shopping online. Onatrix has forged firm business relationships with leading European retailers to bring a plethora of products to fingertips of the discerning consumer. ·Ranging from Electronics, Computers, Beauty Products to Toys, Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, and much more.

Our Location:
With offices based in the UK and Nigeria, Onatrix is strategically positioned to get the very best deals from the UK's leading retailers to best serve our customer’s needs and requirements.

Onatrix ... experts in making connections.

Hoselita Ikoli

Mietei Ikoli