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Low Cost Package Delivery.
Ship your Packages to our UK address.

"You Find it, We Get it, We ship It"

Ship from the UK to Nigeria; Using our UK Procurement Services. We have handled contracts over £3000 pounds. We buy from reputable online stores from the UK

Save up to 60% off your freight charges by using our regular Air Freight Services. Assisting you, with international shipping and purchasing, find the product; and will ship it to Lagos or Abuja We have access to reliable and punctual agent network to carry out and assist with all our of shipments by Air Freight

Try us today and experience the new face of shopping in Nigeria.

At ErrandConcierge, we provide a high level of service dedicated to fulfilling all your International shipping requirements. We aim not only to give you the cheapest and unbeatable prices for your shipping needs, but also want to make it simple for you by having an online booking and quotation system available.

Get an approximated Quote by booking online NOW! (You need to have an idea of the weight; which is mostly written on product description).

Save Money and Book Online Now!

For more information or an international shipping quote, feel free to contact us.


“Bringing the Brand to Africa Cross- border shopping.”