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  • Are you becoming discouraged when trying to shop for freight items online?

  • Do you live internationally and the business won’t ship to an international -address because your country is blacklisted?

  • Did you find something on eBay, Amazon, Kohl, Argos, Next, etc and the seller -doesn’t ship internationally?

  • Are you trying to surprise someone with a special gift and you want it to be a total surprise?

  • Do you need a discrete shopper for VERY PERSONAL ITEMS?

Then YOU need our services!!

ErrandConcierge Concierge services and lifestyle management just for you. ...

just think how much you could get done with someone you trust,

picking up all the pieces after you!

How does it work?

  • We provide Fair Priced Shipping.
  • Need a US / Uk Address to ship online items?
  • We will receive, packages from US, UK, Canada, Japan, China, to mention but a few.
  • We will forward your mail or packages to to your home or office address registered with us!
  • Don't have a credit card? You can contract our services to complete the purchase for you.
  • We'll then forward the items to you.

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What are the costs involved for making the purchases?
The cost of your purchase, including any taxes or shipping fees to us.
Actual cost of USPS standard shipping to you or the shipping method of your choice at checkout. You can decide to ship with our bulk items. It takes 21 working days from when we first received your packages from the seller. Saves you half the cost of shipping!

Contract our services

- £20.00 annual fee to contract our services + Uk address rental (non-refundable).

- Shipping fees
- 15% shopping fee and handling fees for processing the order (this covers money transfer fees and bank charges, credit card fees, webhosting, internet subscription, receiving your packages, repackaging them,  and taking it to the nearest UPS office for forwarding to your address).

- Example:

Your Order with shipping to us $100.00
Shipping to you £5/kg (assume 2kg) $10.00
15% s hopping and processing fee $16.95
Total $126.50


We ship to Lagos and forward wherewith; since local shipping fees and method varies you can choose to use eg. ABC, Edo Line, etc., and we will forward it. you handle local charges.

Taxes or import duties on Items are your responsibilities. Check to make sure from your country's customs.

Nigerians - check here for importable items.

No additional fees if you are shopping from different online locations or websites.
If you know the weight of packages input it when filling the form for instant quote.
For more enquiries send a mail.
To place orders login to your account or Register

Fill our web form with details of
a. The exact web location of product.
b. Details of product e.g. colour, weight, type, etc.
c. Name and address you want you package/s to be sent to.
d. Any other information you may want to give. (e.g. if you are buying an adult toy, DVD or book you may want it to be re-packaged to plain brown paper for discretion)
e. Send payment - There are different payment methods. Choose one

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What we shall do

  1. We pay on your behalf.

  2. Notify you when your purchase is done (within 24 hours).

  3. Notify you when we receive your items

  4. Send a mail when we forward it to you.

Your Benefits

  1. Reduced shipping cost when items are forwarded in bulk.

  2. Get your purchases directly forwarded to your shipping address registered  with, home or office.

  3. The Long Tail – Target Niche Markets – Providing specialized services.

  4. Pay tuition fee, membership fee, order for books, household tools & equipment, fashion, computers, electronics etc.
    Order products from your favourite online stores:

Please Note:

International buyers are responsible for checking restrictions on shipping to their countries and also for the payment of any tax or duties that may be incurred Feel free to email me with your location and items desired for a more accurate quote. ALL shipping rates are non refundable