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Know ThySelf !!

Lets ask a ourselves these questions. What makes me excited? How do I relate it to a business idea?

I really cannot explain. I'd rather use an example. I know I like solving problems, helping people get past shortcomings which I have experieinced and above all I just like challenges, puzzles, etc. So I do I put these to use? Oh well, here I am with the first phase of my new business, helping people shop online and throwing in extra (he he he) Free business training and online resources.

So where do we start . . .

  • Burning the bridge behind us (The bridge of fear, excuses, blame others, etc. that is, if we are still at the cross roads). Opportunities always, is around the corner. We just need to be able to recognise it. So what do we need to do? A shift in the way we think and do things. We study the succedssfull people and try to emulate them or  look down within for originality; "listen to the master within".
  • Without faith in self we cannot take a bold Leap for success. We need to believe in self no matter what the odds are. Be willing to fight smart and hard. yes there will be lots of mistakes, times we want to give up and times we just hate the system especially if you live in Nigeria. but hope is the key. The KNOWING that it is only a phase.
  • "Write down the dream, and make it plain on the walls, so that the one who reads it may run with it" habakuk 2vs2 (Reference here has no religious connotations). Doing the above means there is a destination to get to. How do we get to this destination?
  • Visualisation - We see ourselves already there, "to be a millionare think like one or even better behave and become one" he he he. Just visualise the result you want to achieve. Not the path leading to it but The success story.

Remember, We alone assume responsilities for our actions.